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Dental Implants – Albuquerque, NM

Replace Missing Teeth Seamlessly

If you could fully restore your smile and, as a result, bring back all the function and confidence you had prior to your tooth loss, would you? When it comes to dental implants, you can virtually turn back the clock with the help of Dr. Giron and her team at ABQ Wholistic Dentistry. This treatment utilizes state-of-the-art, biocompatible dental materials that are designed to replicate natural teeth as closely as possible. Our dental office also provides sensitivity testing to ensure that all materials used will integrate safely and effectively with your organic structures. Don’t wait to get your tooth replaced, give our dental office a call to schedule an implant consultation!

Why Choose ABQ Wholistic Dentistry for Dental Implants?

  • Partnership with Highly-Trained Specialists
  • Sensitivity Testing for Dental Materials
  • Sedation Dentistry for Improved Comfort

Benefits of Dental Implants

Model of immplant supported tooth

Implants are designed to replicate natural teeth as closely as possible. For example, since dental implants are designed to replace the root of teeth, your jawbone will be significantly stronger than before. Additionally, the bone tissue inside your jaw will no longer deteriorate, preventing your face from changing shape. The titanium post used to replace the root acts as the anchor for your crown, bridge or denture, so there’s no need to remove existing natural structure just to have your tooth replaced.

Another one of the main benefits of implants is their functionality. Eating your favorite foods feels natural and works to stimulate bone tissue every time you bite. It’s this interaction with the implant and bone tissue that keeps the jaw strong in the long-term. Furthermore, patients don’t need to make any significant changes to their oral care routine. Simple brushing, flossing and routine checkups and cleanings at our dental office ensure their viability. When properly maintained, implants last anywhere between 25 years and a lifetime and carry an average success rate of 98 percent after placement.

Indications for Dental Implants

Dentist showing patient dental implant model

Dental implants are ideal for many forms of tooth loss. Whether you’re missing one tooth or looking to replace your traditional denture, implants are a perfect solution! Consider your options below to better determine which choice works best for you!

Missing One Tooth

A single implant-retained crown is sufficient to restore a single implant. All-porcelain crowns are used to provide the most natural-looking restoration possible. By committing to metal-free restorations, you’re guaranteed to have the safest option among dental materials. Porcelain is even decay-proof since bacteria cannot break down an inorganic material, making oral care easier.

Missing Multiple Teeth

If you need to replace multiple consecutive teeth, an implant-retained bridge can prove quite useful. To replace two or more teeth, a bridge is designed to fit on top of implants, rather than on top of modified teeth adjacent to the gap. Our dental office always tries to conserve existing tooth enamel when possible, and implant-retained bridges make this goal a reality.

Missing All of Your Teeth

Those who struggle with their current denture or simply don’t want to deal with replacing their removable prosthetic will find implant-retained versions to be a breath of fresh air. By placing four to six implants, we can provide a far more stable foundation for your new smile. This restoration can also be made to be fixed or removable depending on your needs.

Partnered with the Best

Smiling older woman in dental chair

To ensure your dental implant treatment is a complete and total success, Dr. Giron teams up with some of the most qualified and knowledgeable oral surgeons in Albuquerque. Not only will they place the implant, but they’ll offer their expertise in every step of planning your treatment. After having an implant consultation at our dental office, you’ll visit our specialist to have your implant placed. When the implant has integrated, you’ll come back to our dental office to have it restored with a natural-looking, metal-free restoration.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Animation of implant supported dental crown

As you can tell, dental implants are a highly customizable treatment for a number of reasons. This is why the cost of this treatment can vary pretty drastically from case to case. For example, the number of implants placed extends treatment planning and healing, resulting in higher costs. Preparatory treatments that make implants viable are also taken into account. These include bone and tissue grafts, sinus lifts and periodontal therapy. Making sure that your oral health is in optimal condition is crucial to ensuring successful implantation, which is why Dr. Giron will thoroughly review your oral health prior to treatment.

While dental implants are certainly an investment, they are meant to last for the long-term. Instead of worrying about repairing and replacing dentures and bridges over the course of several years, you can rely on a more cost-effective solution that is designed to thrive for decades without issue.