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Restorative Dentistry – Albuquerque, NM

Revitalize Teeth with High-Quality Restorations!

When you visit our dental office for dental restorations, you aren’t getting the run-of-the-mill amalgam fillings or crowns you may have received at a young age. Instead, we focus on providing metal-free, natural-looking solutions that do not incorporate mercury or other alloys of any kind. This also means you’re getting the chance to undergo sensitivity testing to ensure your body reacts positively with the dental materials we use. Whether you need to replace an old filling or get your first filling or dental crown ever placed, you’ll get the peace of mind that your whole-body wellness is taken into account at ABQ Wholistic Dentistry. Contact our dental office to learn which restoration works best for you!

Why Choose ABQ Wholistic Dentistry for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Sensitivity Testing for All Dental Materials
  • Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Treatment (SMART)
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings and Crowns

What if I Do Nothing?

Man in pain holding cheek

We’ll always go over all potential treatment plans to consider when restoring teeth, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid getting treatment when you absolutely need it. This is largely because teeth that have become damaged will only continue to worsen without professional intervention. Furthermore, damaged teeth are at higher risk of becoming infected, resulting in higher costs to treat the tooth. The best course of action is to get your tooth treated now to avoid complications later.

Dental Crowns

Model smile with dental crown restoration

Dental crowns are considered to be one of the most effective solutions for a wide variety of issues. When you come to ABQ Wholistic Dentistry, your crown will be made entirely from ceramic materials and 100 percent metal-free components. Dental crowns are the perfect way to solve:

  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Weakened teeth that need additional support
  • Significant cosmetic imperfections (i.e. permanent stains)
  • Severe decay that a filling cannot treat
  • Uncovered dental implants
  • Multiple missing teeth via a dental bridge

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Animated tooth with metal-free filling

In the past, amalgam fillings were the standard material to restore teeth damaged by decay. Today, we do whatever we can to avoid using metal in our restorations. For example, our tooth-colored fillings use composite resin and do not require the removal of existing tooth structure to place. This allows us to maintain more of your natural tooth, which is always a priority at ABQ Wholistic Dentistry. With proper care, they can last just as long as amalgam fillings without increasing your risk of teeth sensitivity in the process!

Inlays & Onlays

Woman with flawless smile

Say you have a large filling that needs to be replaced, do you have to get a full crown? Not necessarily. A more conservative option, inlays and onlays, fit into a tooth much like a filling, yet they are milled restorations, like a crown. Inlays fit between the bumps on the top of the tooth, known as cusps, while onlays fit over one or more cusps. Inlays and onlays allow you to retain more of your tooth's natural structure, which is what we strive to do.

Mercury/Amalgam Filling Removal

Animation of tooth with metal filling

Many older individuals will remember when they had their first silver or amalgam fillings placed to restore their teeth. For most, those fillings have become severely deteriorated and are actually at risk of causing more damage if left unremoved. That’s why our dental office is more than happy to provide Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Treatment, also known as SMART, to extract your current fillings and replace them with metal-free, tooth-colored alternatives.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Older woman smiling outdoors

When you have extensive problems with your smile, it can feel overwhelming at first when trying to choose just one restorative solution. That’s why Dr. Giron is more than happy to perform full mouth reconstructions. By scheduling a consultation with her dental office, she can more closely examine your mouth and provide her professional recommendations for full treatment. Building treatment plans in this way makes the restoration process far more convenient and easier to understand, especially when you need to replace many teeth at once.